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Rules that apply for the life of the car
-When the engine is cold (below the first 3 white marks at the base of the temp gage) rev the engine to at least 2,500 rpms.
-When the engine is warmed up (above the first three white marks) Rev the engine to no less than 3,000 rpms.
The reason for this is to keep the turbo on boost, clear the VNT guide vanes and apply firm pressure to the rings for optimal sealing against blow-by gasses. The rings need the boost to seal since its a turbo charged engine, babying the engine is detrimental and will lead to issues with compression if done so for very long.

First 1,000 miles
Keep rpms below 3,800. Avoid steady rpms. Frequent firm application of power is strongly recomended up to 3,800 rpm. Avoid the use of cruise control so that you naturally fluctuate the power with your foot.

1,000-5,000 miles
Use the full 5,100 rpm power range. Avoid steady rpms. Avoid the use of cruise control. Frequent application of full throttle is recomended to help seat the rings. City driving is ideal for breaking in a TDI due to frequent stops and acceleration. Once you get to 5,000 miles change the oil and perform your first service per the manual

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前通風碟:1K0 615 301T - 288mm x 25mm
後實心碟:1K0 615 601L - 260mm x 12mm
前來另片:1K0 698 151E
後來另片:1K0 698 451D

EBC 對應的料號:

Goodridge 金屬油管(前後一組四條):39079

Golf 2.0 FSI/TDI 的前來另規格和以上相同但後來另和以上不同。

而 Golf GTI 的話,前後來另的規格都同上。
不保證和您的一樣~ 同時,若與上述訊息有出入,恕不負責

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這兩天 Windows 更新,更新後就不能上網了。

Google 一下就知道問題在哪啦!

The latest auto update patch KB951748 (Windows all versions) cuts
connectivity for all users with ZoneAlarm set to 'high' security for the
internet zone

Workaround :
- Uninstall KB951748
- shutdown ZoneAlarm
- temporarily set ZoneAlarm 'security level' to medium