1. Switch ignition off.

2. Pry upper section of grip shell -1- out of pull handle in door trim using wedge -3409-.

3. Remove bolts -2- and -3- (1.5 Nm).

4. Remove bolt -4- (2 Nm).

5. Disengage door trim from mounts in lower area using disassembly pliers -3392-.

6. Disengage door trim from mounts on the sides using disassembly pliers -3392-.

7. Pull door trim vertically upward out of window shaft seal.

8. Depending on vehicle equipment, disconnect wiring harnesses from door trim.

9. Disengage release cable -5- from interior door mechanism -6-.

 除了原廠文件中所提到的工具,還需要 T20 還有 T30 的螺絲起子。